Poem – Fort Snelling

Another poem from the “Joline” series.


We walked to the river
beneath the towering cement bridge.

A solitary barge moved with
grace and silence.

Our voices were not silent.

Djarum smoke filled the space
between us as we took turns

speaking and telling stories
releasing pent-up anger.

I felt your direction was directionless
you felt I was not happy with you.

The fragile state of mind we brought
fractured, exposing the vulnerabilities

and baggage weighing and influencing
our thoughts and actions.


Who was right?
Who was wrong?

Pride became the wounds
opening before our eyes

and that road we foolishly
set to walk together, vanished.

Fort Snelling, Mendota Bridge

Fort Snelling, Mendota Bridge

Posted by williamricci

I am a student of zen and nature, and work to balance people, technology, and the environment.

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  1. Cool, I’ve visited Fort Snelling quite a bit when I was young… Lovely poem too.


    1. Thank you Michele. There is a lot of history and combination of people, emotions, the rivers confluence. So much happened and happens there that it can be overwhelming and refreshing at the same time.


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