Poetry: Just Go Deeper… (06/17/14)

Articulating Nothing

Just go deeper…

From the surface I cannot see the bottom

Only pitch black darkness.

Just go deeper…

Training from my youth, from lifetimes past,

Begin to wash away.

Just go deeper…

Tears flowing, layers peeling, 

Still no end in sight.

Just go deeper…

I can’t wrap my head around this,

I’m not supposed to, but how?

Just go deeper…

My fears rise to the surface

Begging me not to let go.

Just go deeper…

Cutting the ties, 

Loosening the grip.

Just go deeper…

I can’t go any further,

Is there no end?

Just go deeper…

Exhausted, I rest,

But the past creeps up upon me.

Just go deeper…

Twists and turns

I am turned upside down and inside out.

Just go deeper…

Surrender, release, let go,

Motion in stillness, stillness in motion.

Just go deeper…

I sink further,

But am not drowning.

Just go deeper…

Is this too a ruse?

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