When the trees weep

When the trees weep
the raging battle has taken a turn.

Rivers disappear and a lonely
dog walks the dry riverbed.

Grains of sand and stone
from the mountains consume

the landscape and put to rest
what we know, hide what we are.

The weeping tree turns away from the
sun and moves deeper into the forest.


I sat on the rocks
overlooking the sea

the sun was nowhere
to be found.

I looked for reasons
in the waves and white foam.

I sought solace from starfish
and fallen feathers.

Consumed by questions and
lacking any understanding

any reason for the state of the world
for the actions of a few affecting many.


I looked down at my hands
and into my heart.

If the answers are not out there
if they are hidden and buried

then I must look within
at what I can do here and now.


Sister to sister.
Brother to brother.

Human to human.
We are one.

Some may travel far.
Some may reach great heights

and attain great power
from the golden throne

but we are made of the same compounds
we breathe the same air

we care for and love our children
and we protect our families.

We hope and pray for tomorrow
to make it through the night.


When the sirens wail
masking the mother weeping

alone in the streets
we have lost humanity

we have lost hope and
we have lost the war.

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