Poem – Far Reaches

At the end of this journey
I stood before the bursting

stars and bathed in the
energy and light.

I cupped matter in my hands
and I drank the elements.

Time did not exist and
I knew nothing of time.

There was no separation.
There was no boundary.

I became one with myself.
I returned home.




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  1. Hi William, I would like to read one of your works at a poetry reading at the Chaska library Oct. 7 It will be a small group. I will have a chance to read my work or a published author’s work and i would like to read something to them that is different from what they are used to. Maybe you could suggest something or I could read one of your posts. Kristin

    • Kristin, thank you, I am humbled. You are more than welcome to pick anything from here. Also, here is one possibility called “Snowy Field”.

      Snowy Field

      Across the snowy field
      no footprints.

      Streetlights brighter
      further the sun sinks.

      Cold begins to creep in
      upon the winds back.

      Ice pellets tiny and hard
      against our shielded eyes.

      In the midst of winter
      I begin to understand.

      The sky above
      the great wind blows.

      Truths of times passage
      unaware of past, present, future.

      Listen to the snow fall
      building upon its previous self.

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