Poem – Snow Always Proceeds the Fall

The depth of days, carrying
the memories from the past
through the present into
a future laid bare in our hands.

Silence precedes the chaos
we create, but until that
moment the silence is unsettling,
daunting, and disarming.

Snow comes first with a
message of peace and hope
a subtle warning from the
winds originating beyond

our sight but forever
buried in our minds
as their words become clearer
the closer we are to nature.

2014-10-05 06.59.09



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  1. Remember when you were little and we used to put our faces to the window to watch the first snow fall?
    I still every time the snow flake falls reminds me of you

    • I do remember eagerly awaiting the very first snowflake and then calling grandma. I still get excited waiting for the snow.

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