Quotes – From Inside the Grass Hut

Reading “Inside the Grass Hut” by Ben Connelly, an analysis of Shitou’s “Song of the Grass-Roof Hermitage”.  When we look out a window or sit in a small space, it includes you and the entire world, the entire universe.  What you do in that moment impacts you, the space, and the world, and you yourself are the culmination of all previous choices.

Quotes from the book:

We need to realize that we’re both interdependent ant autonomous, both together and apart. Each moment we have a choice, an opportunity. We can do something helpful, we can do something harmful, we can be completely unaware and operate out of habit. We have this chance to use each moment of choice that we are given to take care of our lives and the world around us. Let’s take this chance together. It is a beautiful way to live.


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