The McMindfulness Craze: The Shadow Side of the Mindfulness Revolution

Another wonderful practice, being abused. Like anything, work on ourselves and everything, takes time, practice, dedication, and patience. There is no easy fix. Mindfulness is one part of this equation as it needs to include practice and study to push away the mind dust and come into the space with understanding of our place in the world.

5 responses to “The McMindfulness Craze: The Shadow Side of the Mindfulness Revolution”

    • Me too. Like many things, it becomes a fad when people look for the easy fix, say it does not work, and then the whole practice and ideal is tarnished.

  1. William, just wanted to thank you for the excellent re-blog. One of the absolute best articles I’ve seen on the bastardization of meditation, and one that demands a closer examination of my own practices.

    • Thank you for you comments and sharing. Mindfulness is something I have been working toward becoming an everyday practice, along with studying. I am able to get there when needed, but being mindful beforehand is what I am working on and struggle with.

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