Technology – Windows 10 Build 9926

Finally jumping into the fray and trying out Windows 10. I have build 9926 running as a VM in VMware Workstation 11.1. Installed with the following specifications for testing.  This build does not have Spartan installed but that will be my next task.

Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview (Build 9926)

  1. Firmware Type: BIOS
  2. Processors
    1. Number: 1
    2. Cores: 2
  3. Memory: 8192
  4. Network Type: Use bridged networking
  5. I/O Controller Type: LSI Logic SAS
  6. Disk Type: SCSI
  7. Disk: Create a new virtual disk
  8. Disk Capacity
    1. 60 GB
    2. Split virtual disk into multiple files
  9. Disk file: Windows 10 x64.vmdk

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