Poem – Silent Music of Creation

When the nearest stars are observed
and the furthest ancient light is discovered
we see what became the past far removed
from the beginning.

If we remove ourselves from physical bonds
and trivial thoughts, what used to be feeling
transforms into knowing that what is felt and tasted
is no different than the first particle sent into the void.

If we allow the light and dark matter
to return back to us, to remind us
of our own beginning we see and
hear the music of energy and motion.

If we extend our imagination
and slow the waves of energy
we see infinite colors and
and the building blocks

of a concept still mystifying
the child standing in awe in the empty fields.

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  1. A couple of weeks ago I visited the observatory at the Sky Center in Tucson where no light is permitted so one can see the design of the night sky. Look at the astrophotography of Adam Block who is the founder of the Sky Center.

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