Home is our True Being

Home is not just where you live and return each evening.  Home is that place we hold close in our hearts and in the dreams we wake from and try with endless energy to return to.

Home is not where the hat is hung, but where our subconscious retreats during times of angst and when the world beats us down and we struggle to get through each day,

Home is where we become ourselves, that version of our essence we were born with but lost over the years as a child became an adult indebted to society and rules.

Home is the grey water surround by mountains covered with clouds and the imminent rain to cleanse our remaining sins.



2 responses to “Home is our True Being”

  1. Thanks for a great posting that struck a personal nerve. After 20 years in Alaska and the last 14 in a remote cabin in the wilderness I had to leave because of my health. Now sitting 4,000 miles away and though surrounded by family my heart longs for my true ‘home’. I may never be able to return but my soul will always remain in a land touched by the hand of God.

    • Pete, thank you so much for taking the time to visit this site and share a bit if your story. Just read some stuff on your blog and will be coming back often. I have made many trips to Alaska, but have not lived there. Yet. Have lived my life in Minnesota and spend a lot of time in the northern woods which reminds me somewhat of Alaska. Heading to Gustavus in June this year.

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