Tree on Cliff

We have been visiting this location on Lake Superior for 10-years. Through every season and every weather pattern.

Regardless of what is happening and going on around me, I always come back to that tree.

On the cliff above the turbulent waters, standing tall against the wind, drenched in summer rain, or encased in ice.

A beacon in the frequent storms, a symbol, resilient, always there waiting when we arrive.

I am not clear or aware of the draw I have to this tree, but I choose to let that go and not dwell or search for reasons, and lose myself to the energy.

I suppose the reasons do not matter at the end of the day as I find myself calm, connected, and reflective when in the presence of the tree.

Is something imagined in my mind, or does this stem from beyond here, beyond the horizon that I see?

In some versions of this image, the sky and clouds emerge from the tree-top, and morning steam flows from the cliffs as the sun emerges from the horizon scattering light into waiting clouds, bursting with orange and purple hues.

In other images, the scene has no movements, everything frozen in thick ice reflecting the grey clouds and water absent of the sun.

In all iterations of the scene with myself standing on the shore looking at the tree, I am content and at peace.

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