Imagine What is Lost

We know there is no land within what we can see with the naked eye or binoculars, and the maps we poured over in the outdoor gear store confirm this when looking due east. However, in the very early morning as the sun reaches over the top and the sky lights up exposing low hanging clouds above the horizon, the mind will project images of a lost landmass just out of reach.

The jagged skyline filled with mountains rising from the sea. Peaks of unknown height capture light and our attention. Glowing with radiance, they become a wall of fire. I imagine these to be walls of granite glistening from the sea, monoliths showing the power of nature, and the secrets, what we do not yet know. Showing us boundaries of our knowledge, and the limits we must continue to reach toward.

I imagine these lands to be a sanctuary. Perhaps this is heaven, where we go after this life. With the mountains, we live at sea, bathed in the morning golden sun, forever connected to this world, yet free of pain, lose, regrets, and war.



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