From the Another Place

Descending from the material world, the physical objects and possessions,
distractions taking focus away from the core, the mind, the essence – I struggle to let go.

Do I purposely keep these close at hand, purposely keep distracted? What am I avoiding? What am I afraid of? What do I not want to see?

Fear protects our being from the surrounding world, ourselves, and threats
visible and not visible.

I walk away from projected code, from the broadcasted noise. This is too much, there is too much here, too many voices, pushing and pulling away from what I am inside, even when that is not clear, when the path is obscured and unknown.

I know it is there somewhere, I still have distant connections passing through time and space granting me a lifeline, a way to emerge from the void.

If only I had the courage to reach out and take hold.

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