Stepping Into New Light

Three-months have passed since I stepped into a new day, awash in Minnesota morning light. This would be the first day free of layered obligations and responsibilities. Stepping into that light, I became acutely aware that the road ahead was not straight and well-lit; was no longer paved, marked with signage, and known so well that I could navigate with eyes closed.

No, that road no longer existed, that chapter has been closed. Now, I look out from the patio and an empty field begins to emerge from the light. Well, the field is free of obstacles, burdens, emotional baggage – there are no walls, no pitfalls. The field is strewn with fragments of glowing cubes shards of various sizes. And there is no sound, they emit no sounds I can hear.

These fragments are however familiar.

I left the previous life with a glimpse of an idea, a plan. Something out there reassured me that the time is right, the time is now. Everything in the past of this life, leading to now, has been in preparation of the next step, the words, sentences, and paragraphs, preparing the next chapter.

Each day arrives with less uncertainty. Fragments vibrate closer to others and become more familiar as the person I will be going forward reassembles with only what is needed. Over time I will become whole and ready to devour the next chapter.

For now I will turn the first page.

Copyright american artist Phillip K. Smith III, Indio, California,

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