Category: Update

  • Poem – Searching the Earth

    Surrounded by more questions than answers the day continues the race from yesterday. Searching the earth for clues, a sign, some semblance of another part of ourselves, perhaps one that has answers, one that has been down that path before. We scrape the dry hardened ground and find nothing. Hands steeped in dirt the afternoon…

  • Poem – To the Darkness

    To the darkness that is ever present that is the shadow following each footstep that is the fast moving clouds – I will meet you in the empty fields filled with ten-thousand lanterns and put to rest the game we have been playing for years.

  • Poem – How to Move Forward

    Falling into the future from the present I sense time is changing, its motion pushing me forward into moments I may not be ready for. While science states that time does not change, how much do we know of the physical universe we infer and how much exists beyond the borders and boundaries we see…

  • Poem – Empty

    With an empty mind free of obstructions we can see and hear everything. Each leaf in the tree canopy – each breath across the sea – each grain of sand. Walking across the empty field we hear each foot step and see the wolf before it sees us.

  • Poem – Birth

    In the beginning we come into this space as innocent beings fumbling around the empty fields stretching forever. We stare in wonder and with amazement as to the endless possibilities and the control we have of our life. Then something changes and the field begins to fill with objects and obstacles and where there was…

  • Poem – Return

    In the end, when this life becomes the next, we become the raw materials returned to earth only to rise and become the flowers of tomorrow.

  • Poem – Flowers

    In the end, when this life becomes the next, we are left behind as one flower in the open fields becoming 10-thousand blooming and radiant beings.

  • Poem – First Snow

    Waiting patiently for the first snow. Just like a child with face pressed against the cold window pane and as soon as the first flake lands silently in the grass, they call grandma.

  • Poem – I Now Walk into the Wild

    I now walk into your arms, the words spoken in passion, black wisps of hair I brush away, your eyes a light into the soul. I now fall into your arms, your breath against my neck, I am vulnerable, exposed skin waiting for your embrace, I wait for you. I walk into the wild, the…

  • An Autumn Day, From Beginning to End