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Video: Winter Camping Can Really Suck –– or Not!

Video with a great message of the importance of being outside, if only to be a spectator.

Spirits in the Forest (Video)

Calming Video of Lake Superior

The video below is 2-minutes of the sun rising over Lake Superior on 01-JAN-2019 in northern MN. The temperature was around -5 with a 5 to 10 mile per hour wind. The rolling waves, growing sun, and steam rising from the shoreline was focused, calming, and soothing. The morning provided an opening for me to […]
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Poem – Morning Sky and Birds

Early morning walk to the empty fields and the blue sky filled with birds. Wind through the trees refreshing as closed eyes cleared the mind making room for nature.

Video – Winter Grains

Two videos from early Christmas Day with crystal blue skies, strong wind, and below 0 temperatures.

Poem – Autumn Wind

Shadows from high-clouds in the early afternoon pass over our faces soaking in the autumn wind.

Video – Meditative Clouds

Summer clouds through the pine trees.

Video – Sunrise on New Years Day

Video taken of Lake Superior waves on the first morning of 2017.

Video of Morning Waves

Video taken of Lake Superior waves on the last morning of 2016.

Poem – Lake Superior Fog

Lake Superior fog rolls north across the open waters and in another time these were the first settlers of the new land.