04. Concrete Supernova

On a well-worn path following the lakes shoreline, I looked up and there stood a girl, alone, motionless in an empty field bordering a forest.

“Where are you from?” I asked with no thought.

She turned, looking over her shoulder and motioned toward the forest. The forest I was walking toward. The forest growing larger yet more distant.

She said nothing and began walking in silence.

“What is your name?”

She looked again at me, saying nothing, and with no change in her expression.

The forest looked more alive as the sky shrunk and the sun scurried away and the tree tops swayed. Green and brown leaves turned grey and the sky darkened. Flashes of light emerged from the forest and the sky. Her eyes quickly became the only color.

Yet there was no sound. The leaves and branches movement slowed and like an image capturing one moment you will not forget; each tree became the girl before disappearing into an empty field.

And then I awoke.