11. Shifted Wolves


In dreams
the white wolf
stands beside
the black wolf

Emerging from
unnamed star fields
walking across
a bridge of light
against gravity
against laws of physics.

I felt no fear.
I felt no fear.

Distant galaxies
produce and consume

Skewed and shifted
before arriving here
and matter we cannot see
fills the space.

This universe
spirals further
from the beginning
stretching into
unknown space (planes, dimensions?)
at speeds we
cannot fathom
beyond the traditional
rules we theorized
from the variables
we created.

The universe spirals further
from the beginning
around a black hole –

gathering light
gathering matter.

At the event horizon
pink cubes gather strength.


I awoke in the empty field
From years of sleep
From years of deprivation.

Lights in the distance
Waver but do not move.

Void of sound
Void of movement

I felt no fear
I felt no fear


The white wolf and
The black wolf stopped
Near the constellation Orion
And stared back at me for

With no notice they turned
To each other stood on hind legs
With front paw to
Front paw merged to become
the grey wolf.

With turquoise eyes glistening
From the ancient light of Rigel
This new creature followed me
Into the empty fields and into
The forest of light and dark.

Further we ventured past
Large boulders and cedar groves
And into the valley carved by glaciers
Until days later we reached the river.

From the steep riverbank we could hear
No sound above the water.

But the water was not moving.
Black as the midnight sky
Absent of the moon
There was no reflection and
No bottom.

The grey wolf made a path
Down the bank and to the water.

From the still surface he drank and
Watched upstream and turned downstream.

I watched in silence when he turned
Toward me, grunted, and walked into
The water and disappeared on the
Other side into the forest.

I feared the silence creeping
floating upon the river.