Part 2: Chapter 1 – Gathering People

Chapter 1 of “The Proven Life”

On this autumn day people come united before
The creator, take up a golden cross
Follow him toward the unknown horizon
Through tundra, tussocks, razor ice and new light.

Silent evening
Shallow crests upon the murky water
Wispy clouds roll overhead
Flowing toward the horizon.

Fires lit,
Around the shore
Large fireflies dancing in the night
Capture the audience.

Whispering souls rising
From the burning wood
A living incense
Going where the wind commands.

I choose not to participate,
I need time to contemplate,
Think of existence given to me
Almighty God created that before my eyes.

He has forgiven sins of the souls
Into which he has been invited
The souls of those whose door has opened
To the stranger on the steps.

2 responses to “Part 2: Chapter 1 – Gathering People”

  1. I love the movement here. How everything (people, clouds, etc) seems to be moving in the same direction toward the horizon. It makes it more noticeable that you are unmoving and set apart from everyone.

    • Perfect, then it came across the way I imagined the scene, one evening while becoming aware of the water and relationships around the shoreline.

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