Part 2: Chapter 10: An Angel’s Breath

Part 2 – Chapter 10 of “The Proven Life”

When the sun sets
Spirits arise
Time to roam
Hiding their cries

Seeking closure
A love lost
Someone else’s hand
I will find

I run
The world passing by
In a blur
Not noticing me
I wish to escape
I wish to hide
I wish to exit this world

I run
Life is a marathon
The world passing by
Not waiting for me
I wish to escape them
I wish to exit this world

A darkness surrounds
Is it the absence of light
Or the closure of my eyes?

I slowly open them
I cover
Consumed by throbbing
Within the abyss of my mind
I shake
Try to unclog the memories
Of who I am

That light
Retinas searing
Burning silver stake
Through my eyes
My heart

Like the white light of Heaven
Soothing to the saved
Death to the sinners

Slowly vision returns
Misery subsiding
I can feel my lungs expanding

Surrounding into focus
White wall before me
No windows
A fortress
Keeping something out
Keeping something in

Swiftly a memory
Comes back to me
Harvest moon lighting the fields
Their crops they can see
Many people
Heads bowed in concentration
Men, women and children
Working in unison
Scythe in hand
Life depends upon
The harvest at hand
Life from Death

Focus narrows to
One, with
Soft, milky skin

They pause
As though they feel my eyes
Wipe sweat from their brow
The moon still illuminating
Resting chin upon the handle
A nervous look
As she looks towards the Heavens

I try to narrow my thought
Focus on her features

So pale
So angelic
A radiance
Brighter than ten moons

So… Joline

Her gaze upon the Heavens
Is it a prayer?

The love comes back
Full force upon
My weakened heart

I reach for my bottle
Release a swallow away
My arms, legs restrained

A strap across my mouth
No voice
No scream
No help
No release

Silenced scream
As my body’s thrashing
The only noise
Echoing back at myself

I pause

Footsteps are near
The sound of rubber on concrete
My heart begins to race
I do not know why

Metal on metal fills my ears
Key unlocking the door
My only barrier
He is near

Dear God,
What more must I give?

The release man comes closer
A resemblance I cannot pinpoint
His eyes, surrounded by dark hair
Deep and flowing
Infinite souls
I have seen them someplace before
Scars upon the palm
Your strong hands

Cold shock
Foreign liquid
Injected into my veins
Limbs no longer moving
Mind no longer here
My soul free

And the angel’s above
Released a sigh
For their breath has been held
Since the beginning of time

From the North
A gust through the lands
Everyone paused to feel
From the arctic to the dessert sands

A life has been completed
My soul is free to go
In the middle of summer
The skies began to snow

Another child is leaving terra
One of God’s sheep

I can see me
That body lying there
Strapped into place
Like a disobedient animal
Caged against their will
The fire in their eyes, life fading
Instincts forgotten

The release man’s eyes following me
As I ascend above terra
Into the misty
Stairway to Heaven

My vision turns to the West
I see you from the corner of my eye
A child placed
In a basket
Along the banks
Of the river flowing South
Hidden in thickets
Bundled in a shroud

I lift you, my child
My hands bleeding
Your soul heavy
Your heart sinking

My dear child, why do you cry?

Please fear no more,
My soul, my heart,
Has room for you
Your love is deep

My dear child, you are hurt
Why do you bleed?
Your breath is still warm

Who has left you here,
Abandoned a young soul,
Still searching for life
I will care for you

I am light
I am heat
Give me your soul
I will warm you

I am life
That which I have given to you

You are my sheep
I watch over you

I am your savior
Time to come home

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