Chapter 12 – The Dawning

Chapter 12 of “The Proven Life”

Under darkening sky
Sun rising over the river
I made my way across a bridge
Jumping point for many eons

I sought safety
Across the other side
418 miles to run
Roaring river to avoid

Something follows
Shadow and breath
Moving swift
I had no choice

Discerning the sprawled paper
I could see the headline in red
I surrendered my breath
For the sight took it away

“The Ancient Mariner Returns”

2 responses to “Chapter 12 – The Dawning”

  1. I like how this sweeps into a more conversational voice, as the action seems more immediate and conscious where the forces in the previous sections were more supernatural. It’s like all the previous sections have led to this. I need to read Coleridge’s poem to understand the final reference more deeply, since I had only read a portion of it in a literture class in college.

    • Great interpretation. The bridge it refers to is the Washington Ave bridge in Minneapolis, MN. This is where John Berryman (known for “Dream Songs”) committed suicide in 1972. The number 418 is very significant to me on a personal level, and is reference again in later chapters. Also, Mr. Coleridge will pop-up again in later chapters.

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