Chapter 14 – Peace at Last

Chapter 14 of “The Proven Life”

I hear a mystifying, cryptic
Beautiful sound emerging from the forest
I never had experienced such music
My mind clears of all thoughts and memories

As I enter the confines, a vacuum engulfs me
The transport closed and locked behind
It was too late to turn away
My goal and fate had been set

I see her image again, within the branches
I knew this was my last chance
To remember her love, her smile
The warm touch of her hand in mine

In her palm, clutching
A violet rose
She began to speak softly to me

As I started to drift, lose my mind, Death was draining my life
He is here, looking over my shoulder, hand upon me
I am weak, my mind dying
Still I struggle upon the image before me

Spoken in utter disbelief and bewilderment “Joline”

“I don’t blame you. I will always love you.
Take your place next to the Father”

The guilt and questions of centuries
Had finally been lifted and answered

The hand upon my shoulder, not Death
Had created me, put my mind at ease
My soul to sleep
It was my time

While the Phoenix began to soar
While the rose began to grow beneath the mist
The Trinity lifted my limp body
And prepared my soul for Heaven

I have no regrets
I did my time
Felt the pain
I truly now can rest

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