Chapter 3 – Chosen Fate

Chapter 3 of “The Proven Life”

Pawns in hands darkness
Brainwashed fate controls actions
Rules followed, written in stone
Move like clockwork

Motivate the pieces to set forth
Find ways, paths of light
Construct castle from the pawns
Overcome the temptation

“Queen takes thy rook
Checkmate according to the old book
You have zero moves left
Your only choice is death”

“You must follow honor of the samurai”
“Death by the katana , but why?”

“For it’s predicted in the Book of the Dead
A chariot of fire will come your way
Your last meal, wine and bread
In this world you shall not stay”

“If the creator calls, I will obey”
“For it is written in blood, you die by the bay.”

Fear is an implanted seed in a youths mind
Growing – growing – taking control
Fight if you must, resist if you can
Be prepared for finalities

Death to those opposed
No one can overcome, no one can win
Bow to the ground, bow to the one
He rises from the desert mirage

Strolling across sands retaining heat
Embedded footprints
Time ceases to exist, no time to tell
Scorching heat and blisters – Death approaches

To the east, a sea, across from the Distant Shore
To the west, the sun perishing, into the land
To the north, the arctic unthawing
To the south, the pole sinking into the rising ocean

“You are the chosen one
Life will end this evening under the sun
Upon a wooden cross, next to the sea
For them all, you shall be”

“I accept my end for all souls forever
Loving them unconditionally forever”
“Upon the midnight sky
Truth, love and forgiveness shall cry”

Spirits fleeing the core
Death already set into motion
Traverse the dry riverbed
Find home before it’s too late

Follow the path of stones
To wherever they may lead
To journey through time
All that is for granted

Orion’s path shines infinitely
Follow the hunter’s light
He knows where the journey ends
Somewhere in time’s vibration

From within the confines
Of the increasing darkness
Deep into the heart and soul of the forest
Call out the voices in whispers

Voices that call out to me
Voices that can see

“Here I am, God, to complete my deed.
For honor, my soul will bleed.
One thrust, dignity is mine.
One pierce, honor will shine.
Here, by the sea, upon the cross.
Here, by the sea, the Distant Shore across.”

Past souls levitating within the sun’s illumination
Along the sea’s bank
Pause to witness an end
A beginning

The stroke, pierced the soul, cleared the sky of light
Rolling overshadows, bellow the Death March of Leviathan
They opened, spilling upon the dry Sea
In the East, lightning penetrated the dark, gleaming

The soldier could be seen, crying, praying
Drops of rain upon his face extricating any memory
The sky opened more, releasing anger
All to be seen was the shadow of the hunched soldier

“The Angel of Death heard the last breath,
Meanwhile the Reaper looks on.”

Anger brought down, lightning struck the cross
Fire roared from the top, an eternal flame to be remembered
Even the rain could not extinguish
The flame of souls

From then on
The sea breathed, the sea spoke
The eternal damnation of souls
Now could have their last word, they have been freed

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