Chapter 5 – Prelude to the Distant Shore

Chapter 5 of “The Proven Life”

Angels looking down upon
Maybe my call has been heard
Fog begins to sway and lift
A path underfoot

For as a new dawn passes
Creatures of the night
Bow down upon one knee
Look toward the light

It is their time to go
Tasks have been completed
Home is calling
Lay down your swords

Upon the sands of the Distant Shore
The wind howls and swirls
Speaks and lays a hand upon the shoulder
Telling me of the coming

Vegetation weeps downward
Fearing the end, the end of now
Hearing of the march
And the change in vibration

From here, the ruins can be seen
Babylon exists no more
Without answers
Without life

Across this savage sea
Paradise calls
Beckons the soul
Temptation, quench the temptation before

The soul burns
You have made your choice
What should be and what is
Cross the sea, to the Distant Shore

In the distance, a vision
Reach out – try to grasp one last hope
Salvage what can be, or what was
Time warps around and above you

Engulfing the eccentric user
To choose your own path
And choose it right
Will decide your destiny

2 responses to “Chapter 5 – Prelude to the Distant Shore”

  1. This is really making me think about the state of the world as well as my own life. I think you’ve really written something special, very special.

    • Stepping back a bit, poetry should be timeless. WIth that said, I appreciate your taking the time to dig deeper into these poems, as they can be chunky, heavy, with many layers and veils, especially through the 20 years of writing. I think about everything that has happened within myself, and outside, and how all of these experiences have come together to create the Proven Life.

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