Chapter 6 – Journey to the Distant Shore

Chapter 6 of “The Proven Life”

The moment arrived
Time running rampant with the wind
Began its expedition
To the core of the Distant Shore

Upon the standing cross
The genesis looked into my eyes
The sky rearranged itself
Trying with all of its might to

Overcome the moons’ light
But the celestial years of guarding
Earth from impending danger
Kept the cover at bay for the ancient warrior

Standing at the side of her maker
Wars have worn down the warrior
Scars everlasting – a violent history
Taking their toll, as the moon

Slowly drifts further into the void
The tidal force caused such enormous havoc
Such spiraling
Only the mind of the dead could envision

Far from the sky above
Traveling for eons
In a journey that reaches to the end of visibility
Time arrives

The stream of consciousness
Flowing from the imagination
Veered its course to the cross
The soul

Time converged with the imagination
Forming only reality in the mind of the dead
Only those who foresaw the spiraling
Realized the rising was close

The gateway to the Distant Shore
Lies upon the River Acheron
Flowing from the sea
The boatman awaits you

“Take me down the river,
Here are 10 pieces of gold.”

“Down the Acheron, to the shore?
You wish to meet Death?
Why will Death listen?

I have warned you,
Death waits there lonely
Hungry, starving

“To face Death I must.
The path I cannot see, through white light
brought me here.
God has spoken.”

Rolling slowly upon the water
I glanced down, a deep breath
The sulfur overwhelming
Eyes watering, no breath to breathe

Hands below
Rising from the murky water
Appeared to be guiding the boat
Wispy shadows moving in synch