Part 2: Chapter 6 – The Realization

Chapter 6 of “The Proven Life”

Universal stars will last forever,
Our dust-ridden time will not

I have no legs
At least no control
I have no arms
No control

I am flying
I have no wings

I am 120
I think

Below is an ocean
Crystal clear immersed in topaz
A wavy looking glass
Oceanic creatures floating
Whales rising to the surface, seeking breath
Waves, white-capped
Tremendous power
Straight-line winds

In an instant
The oceans begin to split a path
Water and life to either side

Marble tiled floor underneath,
Once a hidden treasure
A cathedral stands to the North
With no effort, no thought
I fly towards
People wandering about
A few here and there
I feel almost at home,

“Have I seen them before?”

A couple stop,
Turn towards me,
Glancing into the heavens
Nodding their heads,
In approval

I am still flying
I think

I fly through the doors
Towards the altar
An open casket
My face