Chapter 7 – The Boat Man’s Lesson

Chapter 7 of “The Proven Life”

All minds and souls lie in the hands of Death.
He is the keeper of those lost
Those who cannot see the light, a path into
The eternal fire

Stoked each evening
By the blood, sweat and many tears
Boiling river and lake of fire
Each evening living with their fears

As more souls descend through the gates
The river rises
As more souls find and follow the light
The river falls

Soulless, the black void consumes
An amoeba spreading in all directions
A disease of the mind, no belief wandering through the tundra
with no compass, the mountains morph into the horizon

Many have traversed the Acheron,
They have not been seen again.
They are overcome by temptation
By the flesh, by the soul.

They are overcome by self-inflicted
Misery and woe
Conciously letting their minds wander,
Death into their soul.

“Upon crossing the circle around the cross,
You will lose consciousness,
Unaware of any feeling, unaware of surroundings.
Lost in a dream.

You are submerged in time;
Time that has been flowing since the genesis.
It encircles the body
Levitating you above the altar.

When awakened, it feels like a lifetime,
Your lifetime and
The lifetime of ALL souls
As visions of all past, came and gone.

You WILL fear to wake,
You WILL fear dawn’s first light
For what you experienced,
Would blind the druids.

Desiring for it to end;
Waiting for Death
To rise from the sands
Touch your flesh.