Chapter 8 – Journey Continues

Chapter 8 of “The Proven Life”

White sand beach reflects light
the falling sun’s last gasp
gives up the path I Traverse
thoughts collide in my mind.

Over the hill, the cross protruded
With exquisite beauty in the minds eye
Black clouds rolling in
Choking light for my path…

But the cross blazed with such intensity
I became blind from gaping
My last memory of a circle of stones
Around an altar

My mind went numb
I covered my eyes, trying to stop the pain, the vision
Crumpling to the ground clutching myself in fear
What was next

Time accelerated
Time stopped
I witnessed life start, I saw life end
I witnessed my life start, I saw my life end

Rumblings, distant thunder closer
Awakened my confused conscious
Rising, searching, trying to find where
Time had left me…

Upon the altar to the East
The ground began to mound
Quake and twist in place
The coming was upon me

Death was near
A rancid wind began to blow and howl
Scavengers squawking filled the air
Maggots begin to appear from the sand

My gaze quickened
Death rose from the earth
One bony hand first, then the sickle
A book he carried

Like the medicine man Imotehp
It was clutched dearly
I was transfixed
Trying to peek

The cover charcoal black
Lined with gold
Claw-like hinges
A precious object to desire

Approaching, keeping eyes to the ground
The hooded one extended his hand to me
Wanting the touch of live flesh
I fled to ground a few feet away, near a rock

He turned, removing His hood…
His voice raspy
Like that of an old man
Searching for his last breath

“Until I meet you, then, in upper hell
Convulsed, foaming immortal blood: Farewell.”

His eyes turned towards me
Holding my attention
I could not look away
Lifelessness abounds

In His eyes
I saw myself

Gaze turned to stone
I lost my voice I could not breath
My heart gave way as did my soul
Death had finally come to my rescue

For in Death
We are ourselves, making our own path

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