Part 2: Chapter 8: The Savior Awakens

Part 2 – Chapter 8 – “The Proven Life”

Pounding, numbing
Sharp, stabbing
Radiating from my hands
Eyelids heavy,
Groggy, blurry

I try to rub my eyes
I can’t move,
Mind thinks I’m still asleep
Limbs unresponsive

Eyes allowed to open, slowly
Where am I
A dim light
Room feels cramped,
Hard to move my limbs

Something surrounding me,
My mind
Cannot escape
No exit

I inhale
Taking in water, not air

Pain below my ribs
My shoulder aching
I breathe
My chest not moving

I am Osiris

Please help me, my dear friend
I seem to have misplaced myself
Scattered around these lands
From valley to sea
From the great pyramids to the great canals
From the North to the South
From the East to the West

I am light
I am a whispering cloud,
Taking flight from the earth into the sky
The wind lifts me,
My arms outstretched,
The eagles flying next to me
Their home my home
Their territory my territory

Closer and closer I am to the sun
The energy becomes me

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