Part 2: Chapter 9: Soul Mate

Part 2 – Chapter 9 of “The Proven Life”

A hand just out of reach
Rising above the icy currents

Why do we torture ourselves
Torment our souls

A river overflowing
A daily reminder
Of you
I have lost

Images flash before my eyes
Photos of our time

We lived
We loved
One another

We depart
No regrets

A gift from Heaven

The dawn of a new day
Brings the sun
Radiantly greeting my eyes
Welcome reprieve

Drying the mist
Clearing my vision
If only for the moment

My soul weeping
My soul desolate
A desert slowly creeping in
Dunes blocking chance for love

An oasis when you
Are near, your
Mirage quietly disappears
When you vanish

A song of a love
A song of a soul mate

How can love
Connect over time
Through the universe
Beyond what you see
With your eyes

No boundaries before us
Except the ones we erect
Overcome them we must
For our love to be sewn

In my eyes I see a life
Spent together forever
In my soul it reaches for you
Forever and ever

The new rose prospers
Where the tears land
Where my soul lays
Where my life ends

You are my dying wish

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