Poem – 9/11 (Imagine)


Resting in your car
Look up, look above, to the East
The lights
So bright, intense
Fireflies circling

Those lights
Not stars
Getting brighter, larger
Closer they come
Louder, the scream
Blinding smoke, fire
Glass shattering

Abandoned vehicles stretching the horizon
Flamboyant reds, yellows
Christmas lights in October

The cries, sobbing
Women on their knees
Bright fires
Deep, rich maroons

Stumbling around
Stumbling over
The limbs

Bonnets scattered around
Babies searching for their mothers
Blood soaked clothing,
Clinging to their frail bodies

An illusion of safety

The death we become
Both the aggressor and the receiver

A God crying, hands upon their face
Unsure what to think,
How to comprehend
Their people, their creation
Killing each other over beliefs

Not understanding
Fighting blindly
No thought

Death becomes the innocent

2 thoughts on “Poem – 9/11 (Imagine)

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