Poem – 9/11 (Never Forget)

Never Forget
9/11/01 – 12/11/01

Soaring into the heavens
The wispy clouds below
Eternal blue
Wings extended
No effort
Gliding on top of the wind

Silence pierced from below
A shot!
Feathers floating their way from Heaven
Silently, gently laying upon the ground
Scattered here and there
Further off,
Another shot!

More feathers
A body seen, surrounded in feathers
A maroon pool,
Falling mist
Like tears
Stillness, lifeless

Time passed,
Resting, waiting
The right moment

The sleeping giant
Bruised, battered
Stumbles to its feet
In shock
Turns its head
Surveys the damage, the people
Flexes one wing, then the other
Faster, taking flight once again to the skies

Moving on, but not forgotten

Thank you for bringing us together
Thank you for uniting the world