A new year and a change in direction.  When January rolled around, I made the decision to focus on a collection of poems and put the Stone Path Review journal on hold for a bit.  Well that focus lasted a couple of weeks.   In an effort to become more valuable in my day job, to stay current with data and technology, and to lay the ground work for BioconX, I am spending all of my free time studying and learning.

First goal is to become certified for ITIL Foundations, a framework for managing technology and ensuring it matches what the business needs and requires.

Second goal is to learn cloud technologies, including Windows Azure and SQL 2014, and build dynamic and data driven cloud-based applications.

Related to all of this is my technology specific blog at Bioconx Resources. I will be discussing all of these and related topics, trends, and some of the projects that come out of this.

I will share a lot of the information here and hope to post a poem or two when the timing is right.

No posting would be complete without the other focus of my time.  These two monsters:

Vinny and Leroy
Vinny and Leroy

While studying ITIL foundations, I have been thinking of an application to manage resources, specifically servers, and a service portfolio.  Any good application and design will need a database and I thought a Windows Azure and SQL 2014 account at Microsoft would be a great way to start.  I have not worked with either and there are some tools and requirements to get started.  So I now have Visual Studio 2013 Premium and SQL 2014 Express running locally and connected to my database in the cloud.  Let the fun begin.

After the smoke clears and unnatural sounds dissipate
the valley, mountains, and river return.

The mountain shadow continues the journey started millions of years before
and the river moves animals and earth further downstream to fertile
lands and eventually to the delta spreading its fingers for miles with
long threads reaching into the sea.

For a moment the clouds pause as birds swarm from the forest
and overtake the sky filled with defined shapes alternating
from grey to pink as the sun has completed another day and makes
its way to the horizon before one last wink says goodnight.

Beyond the clouds there is hope of peace.

Silent clouds
reveal the moon

and the still water
absorbs the light.

Behind the moon
the tree line

casts shadows
across our faces

as we listen to
distant coyote cries.

At the intersection I
woke to a wall cloud
filled not with rain
but fragments of some
life I did not recognize…

they elicited no emotion, only
confusion, a detached
sense of being…

I watched the images for hours –
people, faces, death, and birth.


I watched children play in the cold water
of a fountain in the center of a city.

I watched a brother and sister climb
a tree.

At the peak a raven held tight
overlooking the park and cawed.


The images slowed, they became a movie
of one person in particular, one face.

She smiled while looking over her shoulder
as if she was holding someone’s hand,
she was leading somewhere, determined,
always smiling, almost pulling the person.

There was no sound here, just two people,
focused on her face, the background fuzzy

yet with depth through shades of black and white.

Then she stopped.

The scene went black and returned triggering
an instant pang of regret and remembrance…



Washed with silent words
spoken by creatures of

the day and night
I let go and slept

in their midst while
the sky turned and

the sun left this
space beyond the trees.


In the depths of dreams
I saw the clouds

move slowly across
the empty fields

and at the beginning
or the end

I stood and talked
with a raven holding

fragments of the person
I was before coming here.

Miles long cloud columns extending from

the setting sun on this summer evening.

A partial view of something so beyond

myself, my place, my sense of being

that it becomes the start, a first chapter

of a new journey, I am finally resolving

within to accept and wrap tired arms around.

I vow to wait completely

until the sun returns before ascending.