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Poem – The Road

The road into the distant sky seems untouchable, the journey seems impossible, but this is the start, this is only the beginning, if I choose to walk. I return to that road whenever direction is needed whenever I need a reminder of the path at my feet that I choose to forget. How to bring […]
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Thoughts on Lance Armstrong

I tend to leave any directs news-realted items off this site, preferring to blend the topics into poems and prose.  However, the announcement on Friday the 24th, by Lance Armstrong, that he is dropping his fight against allegations that he doped and cheated while racing, hit a nerve with me. I got both of my […]
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Don’t forget your boots

The long walk through the valley overshadowed by the mountains. Don’t forget your boots. Sand upon sand the layered earth covers fragments, shells, and mines. Don’t forget your boots. I do not pretend to understand or relate I have not been there – I am here gazing at the stars washed in the moonlight filled […]
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