This little button recently turned 7.

Home at Last

I am continually humbled by the trust animals can have in people and the life changing experiences they provide.

On our daily walk,
we follow the same worn trails,

make the same turns,
and pass the same trees.

That pond is empty,
covered with algae.

That one is home to
busy and noisy muskrats.

So many times we have
have come this way

that I follow the dogs
as they know where to go

which trail to take
which hill to climb.

Yet this is a new day
filled with nature

and there are infinite mysteries
in each leaf and grain of sand.

2015-10-17 10.15.06

As I watch the April sunrise across
the turbulent waters I am reminded again
of my place beneath cedar and pine
while sitting on the rocks with two puppies.

A quick trip up north to get out of the house and play. I was also “gravelled” again by the small critters who like to hide seeds, corn, and other goodies in my boots.

2016-01-29 11.38.47

2016-01-29 11.38.54

2016-01-29 11.40.00

A chance to put on-hold
obligations and deadlines
and dive into nature
with the purest of spirits.

2016-01-24 08.32.50

2016-01-24 08.33.14

On a somewhat grey and dreary day we headed north to the fields and trails near the Wild River, the St. Croix. Alone on sandy trails well suited for horses, we circled the empty field through the forest and made our way to the river. Beneath the grey sky, we felt the presence of life, animals, and trees absent of sound. The two deer that crossed our path did so leisurely as I assured them we are guests here, just passing through.

In previous journeys here through the thick woods, I knew that John Haines was here walking with us, with an eye for details and subtle nuisances. Today he was here also, but we took this in as a whole, all of the nature seen and not seen, all of the light passing through us, with us, and a part of us.

The empty field, the river, forest, trails, sand, and the animals all served as a reminder that this is home, this is birth, this is where we came from.

The Empty Field We Visit
The Empty Field We Visit
Keeping Watch
Keeping Watch
Keeping Watch Also
Keeping Watch Also
Sisters Resting
Sisters Resting
The Wild River
The Wild River