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  • Poem – 92nd and Madison

    I look down from the roof over Madison Ave and watch people enter and emerge from yellow streetlights, bobbing heads and umbrellas, taxis speed near and far, the rain softens the constant chatter and the voice questioning and answering everything at once. Through 10 to 20 story buildings I see the reservoir a few blocks…

  • Finally, Photos from Iceland

    It has been 14-years since we visited Iceland, and I finally have posted photos!

  • Returning from Alaska

    Returning from an Alaskan retreat, I am different. Nothing earth shattering and most likely not noticeable to most people I come into contact with. Back home, the sky has not changed, the trees stand tall against the summer blue, and the grass is coarse from overdue rain. Obligations, bills, demands, job – waited at the…

  • Knik Glacier, Alaska – Flightseeing Tour

    On 2017-08-08, we stepped out of comfort zones and took to the air for a flightseeing tour with Alaska Air Service, based in Anchorage, AK.  Our pilot was Bill who is also the owner.  We flew into the Chugach Mountains and were treated to awesome views of the Knik and Colony Glaciers.  Also included was…

  • Glacier View, Alaska – ATV Tour

    We spent August 7th with Glacier View ATV Tours at mile 99 of Glenn Highway in Glacier View, Alaska.  We were fortunate to have the trails to ourselves and be guided by Tommy, one of the owners, for 2.5 hours of ATV riding through open fields, forest and to the top with a view over…

  • Whittier, Alaska – Past and Present

    On a recent trip to Alaska, we visited Whittier. Accessible by auto through a one-way tunnel also servicing the railroad, tourism and fishing call people to visit and enjoy the gateway to Prince William Sound. Of note is the Buckner Building, a remnant of WWII that is off-limits.

  • Photos from Colorado, 2009

    Some long overdue photos from a 2009 road trip to Colorado.

  • Alaska Adventure Tours

    A sincere post for my friends that own and operate Exposure Alaska. They have been in business since 1999 offering true Alaska adventure tours.  New this year is the Chugach Challenge offering: Fast paced and fueled by adrenaline and coffee. You’ll raft Class V rapids, ice climb on a glacier, ride the fastest zipline in…

  • Video – Cold Morning Water

    From Lake Superior.

  • Poem – Dreams

    Children in the summer Chasing dogs through Fields open to the big sun. Thoughts free of burden Free of time they explore Worlds beyond this one. Always a step ahead And pushing forward They become the stars we see. So what happened? Where did our dreams go? The older we become The more experiences we…