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  • Good morning from Leroy and Vinny

    Good morning from Leroy and Vinny

    Looking at the calendar, over a month has passed since my last post here. Where does the time go? I would like to say that I was in the midst of some grand adventure, but that would not be true! Life. Just life happening, and dealing with the daily grind, the obligations, and the 9-to-5.…

  • Poem – Horizon

    Spring has filled in the once barren forest and we witness the green waves rolling toward the blue horizon.

  • Poem – Flight

    Against an evening sunset and blue backdrop a pair of ravens circle, descend, and ascend a last time before landing in pine trees beginning to green as the last holds of winter give. Clinging to limbs as the winds arrive in gusts from across the lake they call to others a few trees over and…

  • Poem – That Cabin in the Woods

    That cabin in the woods, nestled beneath second generation pine planted after the last logging, waits for our visit. Snow caught in tree-tops meanders through the winter sky covering the green roof in a smooth slope where acorns speed to the ground. Ravens ever present toward the open fields, near the old silo base, they…

  • Poem – Becoming Winter

    For now I am the winter beneath the mask revealed beneath the cold water of the sea. Eyes open to the sky above the surface breath held as snow begins. For now I am the winter overtaking the autumn slowing rivers and lakes the graying sky swallows the sun. For now I am the winter…

  • Poem – Rain

    When my mind becomes scattered, when each of the thoughts I held in my core is lost to the wind, I seek out answers and resolutions from the natural world. On mornings when the grey sky covers the sun and the forest lives in its own green exterior, the cold air lays upon the skin,…

  • Poem – Searching for Myself

    Stopping at the green gate and the snow covered driveway, the pine trees embrace the winter sky and the morning light, shadows reach across the space between tree trunks. Too much Time has passed since the last visit and the space feels foreign. While I remember the name of each tree, I hope the ravens…

  • Poem – Destination

    The path through the heavy pine and white fog will become the destination you choose.

  • Poem – First Snow

    Waiting patiently for the first snow. Just like a child with face pressed against the cold window pane and as soon as the first flake lands silently in the grass, they call grandma.

  • Poem – Autumn

    The autumn sky wraps blue fingers around the tall pine trees and in this embrace we watch the story unfold.