Poem – Rain

When my mind becomes scattered,
when each of the thoughts I held
in my core is lost to the wind,
I seek out answers and resolutions
from the natural world.

On mornings when the grey sky
covers the sun and the forest
lives in its own green exterior,
the cold air lays upon the skin,
and you know that rain is near.

Each drop a fragment of some
larger being or existence beyond
this world and my body reacts to the cold
by reassembling the core and bringing
this being back into a whole form.

Poem – Searching for Myself

Stopping at the green gate and the snow covered driveway, the pine trees embrace the winter sky and the morning light, shadows reach across the space between tree trunks.

Too much Time has passed since the last visit and the space feels foreign. While I remember the name of each tree, I hope the ravens remember me as they circle nearly out of sight, their call still echoes through the forest, the only other voice heard above the winds’ song.

Packed snow crunches with each step. Brown pine needles blanket the white surface, untouched except the many deer tails weaving through the trees, reaching beyond what I can see.

The sun’s intensity warms tired bones and muscles. The wind directs eyes up as the treetops sway against the cloud-free winter blue.

Each breath tastes of nature. Each breath brings me back. Each breath brings me closer to a chance meeting with god.








Poem – Destination

The path through the
heavy pine and white fog
will become the destination
you choose.


Poem – First Snow

Waiting patiently for the first snow.

Just like a child with face pressed
against the cold window pane and as
soon as the first flake lands silently
in the grass, they call grandma.



Poem – Autumn

The autumn sky wraps blue fingers
around the tall pine trees and in
this embrace we watch the story unfold.





Poem – Into the Sun

I awoke that missing day
disconnected and lost
from what I thought I was
and who I wanted to be
so I searched around the room
and climbed out the window
and walked down the only road
into the sun.

Where the road ended and the forest began
the trees moved to the silent wind
scattering evening light across
my face.
2015-08-01 16.28.12
2015-08-01 12.02.55 HDR

Poem – Woods

In the woods
we take the worn path
of hard dirt and decaying leaves
following the recent activities
of coyotes.

Consistent and plentiful rain
has filled in empty spaces
with the silent guardians
reaching to the morning sun.

Morning Sun

Morning Sun

The Light Settling in the Woods


Light Settling in the Woods

Light Settling in the Woods

Old growth trees line a worn path cut from loggers decades before.

The floor is covered with fallen needles and moss.

A single white birch exists within the pine trees and glows no matter the time of day.

Red squirrels run up tree trunks and jump to the next branch.

If this is a dream, if this is a reality that is both here and not here, I have found the perfect place. I have perfected the fields I wish to walk within the rest of this life.

But these moments are fleeting and pass like seeds on the easterly wind, carried for distances beyond what we can see, into the realms of the mind and the buried experiences.

How do we unearth and keep alive the existence where we are most happy, where suffering is kept to a minimum?

The light reaches over the tree tops and the forest is flooded with white pulsating energy as I close my eyes and walk into the open arms.