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  • From the Ashes

    From the Ashes

    Stripped to our raw selvesshed of armor and protection. Chaos and denial slowlyreplaced by thought and cooperation. The defining characteristics of humans,what makes us unique and capable, surfaces through the darknessand with glorious irony what forces us apartbrings humanity closer together.

  • Poem – Christmas Star Dust

    Poem – Christmas Star Dust

    Snow lays upon the grassesscattered across the fieldsof peace, hope, and love. I stand here beneath the late December skyfilled with clouds holding the forestand I inhale a moment free of chaos. What this all means finally breaks throughfilling my mind with joy, resolve, and a reminderthat we are all equal, here, and from the…

  • John Haines – City of Orphans

    Given the current conflicts across this land and the earth, this timeless poem from the late John Haines conveys the words I have no voice for. How strange to think of those street sand vacant lots, the sandhills where we played and dug our trenches; the forts we built, the enemies we conjured to aim…

  • Poem – In These Times

    In these times there are more questions than the answers we require to move and breath. In these times we feel isolated, at great distances from the reality we see. In these times the human spirit further bonds and strengthens, we are all in this together.

  • Poem – Authentic

    I believe who we are when our eyes first open and light through half-drawn blinds washes over our body, we are true, we are authentic and only through the chaos and fray of each day do we become jaded and lose touch with humanity.

  • Poem – To No One

    I sat down to write what’s consuming my mind day in and day out. I thought on the state of the world the wars, the drought, the famine – the social and environmental issues that continue to plague all beings. I thought about what can we do I thought about what can I do. What…

  • When the trees weep

    When the trees weep the raging battle has taken a turn. Rivers disappear and a lonely dog walks the dry riverbed. Grains of sand and stone from the mountains consume the landscape and put to rest what we know, hide what we are. The weeping tree turns away from the sun and moves deeper into…

  • Poem – Untitled

    Heads bowed Silent words This connection We all share Fragile and tenuous Now rings an alarm Looking for strength And unity. In this dark hour We realize the thin thread Holding us up and together That is stretched at times And pulls us closer at others. The key to learning And moving beyond Is compassion…