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Stone Path Review Update

The following newsletter was sent out today regarding Stone Path Review, our artistic journal and our publishing company, Enso Press, LLC. As we close out 2014 having completed our 3rd year with 12 issues, we have been looking back and of course looking forward. After hard and honest thinking about Stone Path Review specifically and […]
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Summer issue of Stone Path Review now available

Volume 3, issue 11 of Stone Path Review is now available for your reading pleasure. This issue features an interview with a goat farmer, Beth Donovan; photography by A.J. Huffman, Aaron Bowen, Brian Biggs, Claire Ibarra, Galen Faison, and John Sikkila; and writing by David Rutter, J.B. Mulligan, Jeffrey Willius, John Michael Flynn, Kathleen Lindstrom, […]
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Enso Press – Website and Updates

Enso Press, LLC has changed to a new website design. As always, simplicity is key with limited extraneous information getting in the way of the core content – artistic journals and film. The Support page has been updated with information on a music project we supported. More information will be coming soon with the status […]
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Stone Path Review – Call for Submissions

Now that the Winter 2014 issue of Stone Path Review has been published, we look ahead… We are always accepting, reading, and responding to submissions.  We accept poetry, short stories, prose, and visual arts.  We are especially looking for photography, both for the cover and inside, drawings, original artwork, photos of artwork, etc. If you have […]
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Stone Path Review – Winter 2014

I am proud to announce that we just finished the Winter 2014 issue of Stone Path Review.  You are able to view it online, as a flip-book, or download a PDF.  This issue features poetry, photography, a short story, and an interview with the director of a mountain guide training school located in Alaska and […]
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Art of Writing – Literary Journals

Here is a list of Minnesota based literary journals, some with an international presence. The list is provided by Mike Finley and can be viewed online. Midway Journal Paper Darts Altered Scale Conduit Literary Magazine St. Paul Almanac Sleet Magazine  Spout Magazine Ivory Tower Lief Magazine Stone Path Review Talking Stick Revolver Mizna Knockout  Yellow Medicine […]
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Fall 2013 Available as a Flip-book and for Purchase

The Fall 2013 issue of Stone Path Review is available as a flip-book and for purchase. Stone Path Review: Stone Path Review Fall 2013 Artistic Journal with poetry, photography, featured artist interview, and short stories. We are artists publishing journals for other artists.

More Ways to Get Stone Path Review

We setup the Spring 2013 issue of Stone Path Review with HP Mag Cloud. There it can be downloaded digitally for free, or you can order a printed version to hold in your hands. Stone Path Review Spring 2013 Artistic Journal with poetry, photography, featured artist interview, short stories. We are artists publishing and creating […]
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Spring 2013 Stone Path Review

The Spring 2013 edition of Stone Path Review is now online here. The PDF and printed version will be available soon. As Winter slowly becomes Spring, we celebrate National Poetry Month, and the power and majestic beauty of nature and the mind. Featured in this issue is an interview with writer Regina Bou and work […]
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Poetry Journal from India – Teesta Rangeet

A poetry journal based in Sikkam, India, published their fourth issue. Edited by Dweep Mustang and Dhirendra Kumar Shah, I highly recommend this for its depth of work and artists of varying backgrounds from around the world. http://teestarangeet.yolasite.com https://www.facebook.com/teestarangeet