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Poem – Rain

Those thoughts the ever-present past the overgrown fields the moments we do not allow ourselves to forget to let go washed out to sea.

Poem – Walked Across the Field

I walked across that empty field after the weeds took over and boulders fell from the darkening sky and trees took root. I walked across what used to be the empty field a gameboard for my mind a history of what has taken place, what I allowed to happen and I threw gasoline everywhere and […]
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Reasons, Forgotten

Why do we hang on to things?  Why do we hold some reservation or ill-well toward others, even with the passage of time?  As an example, and something that triggered this: the other morning while walking the dog around the block, I saw one of our neighbors.  I thought to myself, without hesitation, that I […]
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Transition – Chaos

I have spent many hours the past few weeks, in quiet contemplation.  Setting aside books, news, papers, pen; I allowed the environment, consisting of the wind, rain, snow, temperature, sun, moon, bird calls, raven squawk – any event to rummage around inside and surface an emotion or memory. Years have passed and some memories are […]
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