Tag: midnight

  • Poem – Finding Home in the Chaos – Part 4

    These simple moments of nature’s gentle cycle coupled with the raw energy exhibited here and beyond humble this man juggling chaos looking for simplicity looking for answers to questions I have not asked.

  • Poem – Finding Home in the Chaos – Part 3

    Sometimes when I see the midnight moon over the superior waters I imagine, if I reach for enough from the shoreline I can catch the beams in my palm. The iced shoreline captures and holds the moon just long enough for me to taste the ancient light and remember my roots far beyond any physical…

  • Poem – Beneath the Lights

    Sirens fade into the cityscape. Cigarette smoke encircles the face. She stands at the corner lost. She stands at the corner waiting. The city lights mask the darkness sleeping beneath bridges, the depth of hopelessness strolling midnight streets. Beyond here false prophets speak hollow words and promises that never come to fruition, they never come…

  • Poem – Absentia #3

    I followed the train tracks westward – the land flattened before heading deep into the mountains – I see them from the boxcar. I jumped into this one outside of Carson City just before midnight – running from behind an abandoned shack, the slow roll of the train.

  • Poem – Winter Nights #1

    The midnight sky black, merged with the horizon fallen to the earth. A moon graces the northern sky, scattered across the white frozen fields and apple trees. Cold air rushes in and quickly condenses each time the door opens letting the puppy briefly out.

  • Poem – City

    I walk the midnight valleys of this desolate city mired in the remnants of industry. I walk the tunnel of black light with no beginning or end and the underlying fear this will begin again consumes more of each day. I walk beneath the remains of each day searching through rubble, scraps, picture frames and…