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  • Poem – Outside of Time

    Poem – Outside of Time

    Sands cover the landscape spewing steam. The vast ocean surfaced with the grains I have discarded. Passing through dimensions and space and time. Passing through all matter. I wait here on the rocky shores. The shores of an unnamed planet. What we have spans time. I know beyond what the immediate senses are telling me…

  • Essay – In That Moment

    Imagine what life would be from this moment forward if we moved away from the chatter and negativity our mind is swimming within and realize we are born from the stars, that all life on this planet is born from the same material and roots, and that we each have a purpose. Imagine what tomorrow…

  • Poem – Origins

    I watch an airplane across the evening sky, diminishing light as the sun is leaving. Still trees reach toward the heavens, as blackness envelops the landscape. Layers transform across the spectrum scattering particles reaching these human eyes. What is out there beyond the layers, beyond the limitations of distance and speed? Further I sink into…

  • Poem – When the End Arrives

    When the end arrives I will be standing in the empty fields as the moon overtakes the sun and the shadows overtake the forest waiting for you.

  • Poem – Secrets

    Behind the red glass what being or consciousness watches our every move? The voice behind the glass asks one clear question: why won’t you let me out? Beneath the new moon questions become more frequent, secrets begin to spill. ** From the series “The Integration”

  • Poem – The Way Forward

    Path through the moonlit forest. Shadows follow like thoughts. Trees fold in half after I pass and where I came from disappears. The way forward continues as the moon is consumed by dewdrops clinging to each fern and ends in the lantern lit field.

  • Poem – Promise

    That evening I played in the snow and ice crossing fields and hiking uphill as the air dropped below zero and I promised the sun and moon to listen and be respectful.

  • Poem – The Border Kingdom

    (1) We drive the dusty road east from the mountains toward the flat land not divulging any secrets from this distance. Still morning the intense sun withers fallen vegetation and quickly dissipates dew clinging to cactus needles. We have not spoken since the pass where we studied the horizon surveying what we left behind and…

  • Poem – See, Turn, and Return

    (1) What defines the human spirit when we are pushed to our limits? What ghosts are we chasing through day and night? Are ghosts chasing us through valleys and up mountains? (2) I see the moon in a dewdrop, does the moon see me? I look across the river as the black wolf approaches. I…

  • Poem – Winter Songs – Part 2

    I awoke to the full moon dipping into the cold river. Light sprinkled across the untouched snow except for a single path of recent paw prints leading from the water to the distant tree line lost in the mountain shadow.