Poem – Beast

Do each of us have a monster inside
a beast we strive to hide from the
world, those close we love, and from our self?

At the end of each day
what are we truly running from?

What shadows lurk in the forest
and what shadows do we carry?

Across the fields with scattered snow
mountains rise from the earth

in spires of solid granite,
nearly featureless – how will

this barrier be overcome?

Standing at the base of the mountains
what hope I brought here

disperses on the cold wind
scouring the surface of the empty fields,
those fields I left behind years ago
when the beast chased me away.

Mountains and Ice

Recently resurrected the domain and website at that will focus on stories, poetry, photography and anything related to Alaska. Two poems were posted today for your reading pleasure.


Where the Path Leads

We encounter paths and options at every turn and we are stopped by fear and indecision.

The ability to choose a direction and move forward and not look back is a gift.

But when we stand at the crossroad with multiple unknown horizons our life stops and becomes stagnant and we become lost.

Steeped in the questions and scenarios constantly being played in the mind we lose our place and fall off the path we worked so hard to create and follow.

We may not realize until years later what impact a choice made and the path it led down.

There is great power in having the choice and taking control of this life and we will realize that the path we tread through the valley of death and to the mountain top is the definition of life and with our choice it is what we desire to become.






Poem – I Now Walk into the Wild

I now walk into your
arms, the words spoken
in passion, black wisps
of hair I brush away,
your eyes a light into the soul.

I now fall into your arms,
your breath against my neck,
I am vulnerable, exposed skin
waiting for your embrace,
I wait for you.

I walk into the wild,
the unknown territory
my heart longs for, the words
of freedom, swirling about,
motions in the air we reach
out to grasp, moments of
solitude, the chance to listen to
the wandering thoughts, the mind
opening up.

Into the wild, the backcountry
of my mind, the thoughts behind
actions of the heart, the soul
reaching out, a voice not
heard, but felt though vibrations.

Deafening silence as the wild
expands the further I emerge into
the tundra, lost and wandering
I keep close your scent and soft touch
upon my chest, the slight pulse of your
veins coaxing my heart to keep going,
during moments of weakness, when
the winter sun rises briefly and hurriedly
sinks, the horizon thinning and the darkness

I walk into the suns light
the golden sheet cradling me
with eyes closed I see your smile
and the words spoken without hesitation
and I am overwhelmed with pureness,
the honesty, the unflinching eyes.

I walk into the swift Sushana
river, with ice floes and glacial till,
you are there somewhere near the base
of the mountains I can see from here,
the rolling shadows frigid.

And I awaken next to you under
the flaring aurora borealis,
the flashes of opaque green and deep red,
sedge and willow glow and reflect
off the pure snow.

2012-07-06 14.33.53

Poem – Suns

In the quiet moments
as our sun falls behind

the mountains, the sky
becomes filled with the

distant suns of alien planets
and we begin to understand our place.


Photos from Colorado, 2009

Some long overdue photos from a 2009 road trip to Colorado.
Colorado-2009 454

Colorado-2009 438

Colorado-2009 429

Colorado-2009 412

Colorado-2009 384

Colorado-2009 383

Colorado-2009 378

Colorado-2009 343

Colorado-2009 314

Colorado-2009 282

Colorado-2009 274

Colorado-2009 271

Colorado-2009 265

Colorado-2009 186

Colorado-2009 156

Colorado-2009 101

Colorado-2009 075

Colorado-2009 057

Colorado-2009 023

Colorado-2009 014

Colorado-2009 006

Poem – Revolution Rooted in Ancient Lands

40 Days become 40 years
and the revolution/transformation
I began culminates from the
mountain peak.

Into the valley life flows
as the new sun rises
over the range.

Caribou continue their
thousand mile trek across
vast swaths of land
following their ancestors hoofs.

I teeter on this ridge and see
beyond the glacier fed waters
and the crystal sky and fall
into the ancient land where

the marathon first began,
where the fields were first built.

Alaska-20100729-20100807 277


Poetry – Sun Rises

Sun rises over mountain peaks
after 40 days of darkness
and despair.

We sing, dance, and cry
while the mountains darkness
subsides and the peak, birthplace
of our gods, appears.

Alaska-20100729-20100807 150

Outdoor Gear – Spring Cleaning 2016

I have the following pieces of backpacking and camping equipment that are no longer needed and taking up much needed space in the gear closet.  Please contact me ( with questions, shipping, etc.  Payment would be managed and tracked through PayPal.

All reasonable offers will be considered.  $300.00 for all items and that will include a free Sea-to-Summitt duffel bag.

  1. MSR Universal Stove – With 2 bottles, maintenance kits, windscreen, cup, pan – Never used – $125.00
  2. Black Diamond Contact Crampon with Extended Bars – Lightly Used – $50.00
  3. Asolo GTX Men’s Size 11.5 Hiking Boot – Lightly Used – $75.00
  4. First Ascent Men’s Size XL Peak XV Down Jacket – Lightly Used – $125.00
  5. Petzl Tikka XP2 Headlamp – $20.00
  6. Black Diamond Lantern – $10.00

1. MSR Universal Stove

2. Black Diamond Contact Crampon with Extended Bars



3. Asolo GTX Men’s Size 11.5 Hiking Boot








4. First Ascent Men’s Size XL Peak XV Down Jacket







5. Petzl Tikka XP2 Headlamp



6. Black Diamond Lantern



Poem – No Words

“No words”, as the sky burns
and we watch from another place.

“No words”, as I remember a time
before time standing atop mountains
overlooking valleys filled with
smoke and spirits of ten thousand beings.

2016-02-18 17.57.22