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  • Poem – Hope

    As the sun sets on another day and the weight of each person’s burden, responsibilities, and hopelessness reach a tipping point there is the outside view into the mind of each tree into the soul of nature into the womb of the universe.

  • Poem – To the Outside

    Poem – To the Outside

    To the outside we are primitive specks of dust lost on some distant chunk of molten rock destined for an uncertain future defined by the egoistical driven actions we take for ourselves with little regard to the sphere of influence we exert on those around us. We are primitive in our methods and usage of…

  • From the Outside

    (1) Flowing from cement into the gutters glistening under the morning sun we are not alone the mind turned inside out presents the hidden secrets and crevasses to the environment and the last thought or image is taken within to be remembered forever. An outsider sees no difference cannot determine the source the entity that…

  • Sunday Morning

    Before the heat and severe storms rumble in this afternoon A robin is perched atop the wireless internet receiver A grey squirrel flaunts his semi-bushy tail The umbrella’s shadow shortens The same palette was used to paint the sky this blue.