Flowing from cement
into the gutters
glistening under the morning sun
we are not alone

the mind turned inside out
presents the hidden secrets and crevasses
to the environment
and the last thought or image is taken within
to be remembered forever.

An outsider sees no difference
cannot determine the source
the entity that this originated from

in whose eyes is everything
equal, and where are my counterparts
that I may converse with.


I give this to you willingly
no exceptions, desiring
nothing in return but the truth
and understanding.

Morning snow subsides
Hours before we arrive.

Donning snowshoes and
Ski poles we begin
A trek toward the baptism river
Solitude in ice and the knowledge
That silence comes to everything
With the state of mind.

Open waters are empty
Turn back, turn away
Toward the prairie
Toward the ancient oak.

A moment presents opportunity
Presents clarity and through adversity
The cold water reaching upwards
We find the being within.

I hear the methodical wings beat
Before I see the black swan.

Shadow filters through treetop
The golden age of mythic sky monsters

Energy enters our thoughts

I hear you dear fox
The low grass rustling

Hoary Vervain rocking with no wind.
Young seeds coerced to let go and germinate.

Mineral deposits from days gone by
Open and exposed, remnants scatter

When the northern wind arrives,
Occasionally a sea-born agate emerges

From the dusty ground and we take delight
In the find and whose pocket takes it home.

Lake Superior Ice
Lake Superior Ice

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