Listen and Respond

The path being taken is open to diversions, changes, bumps, and the occasional washed out road. What is important is how we respond, react, and move forward in the spiritual sense, not necessarily forward motion, as the next step may backward, or a jump to another, unrelated path.

I recently received the most honest, straight-forward, and thoughtful response to my writing, and this has caused me to stop, and re-evaluate my path. Although I have not determined my next step, it will be a change. This also reminded me of a book I read a long time ago titled “A Writer’s Life”, by Gay Taleese. I figure this is a good time to return to its pages and words of wisdom.

It feels like the new sun rising over darkened lands.

It is the mist clearing from a winter lake emerging from a deep freeze.

4 thoughts on “Listen and Respond

    • That has definitely taken me some time to learn, understand, and appreciate. It is so easy to have an idea in your mind about how something so be/go, and be completely disappointed when it does not go that way. The result of the change or shift is then lost. You do not see the new path and direction.

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