From the Another Place

Descending from the material world, the physical objects and possessions,
distractions taking focus away from the core, the mind, the essence – I struggle to let go.

Do I purposely keep these close at hand, purposely keep distracted? What am I avoiding? What am I afraid of? What do I not want to see?

Fear protects our being from the surrounding world, ourselves, and threats
visible and not visible.

I walk away from projected code, from the broadcasted noise. This is too much, there is too much here, too many voices, pushing and pulling away from what I am inside, even when that is not clear, when the path is obscured and unknown.

I know it is there somewhere, I still have distant connections passing through time and space granting me a lifeline, a way to emerge from the void.

If only I had the courage to reach out and take hold.

Finding a Way

Winter smoke.
Silent forest.
Nearing nightfall.

Chaos present.
Walls increasing.
Too much.

Trapped here.
Concrete, glass.
Nightfall settling.

Clearing mind.
Opening mind.
Letting go.

Eyes closed.
Energy arriving.
Roots growing.

Eyes opened.
Path opened.
Returning home.

Has the Time Arrived?

Living in the present with thoughts and energy
firmly cast into the past with vivid memories.

Each sunrise across the morning sea,
each moment spent here is with your memory.

So many years have passed,
it feels like yesterday,

the heart is heavy,
the void still waiting.

When the sky turns to gold and the path
I have spent years waiting for on the shoreline

finally appears all my worries and burdens disappear
and I know you are out there waiting.

Poem – Into the Storm

Following the untouched path filling with snow,
the sky and fields begin to merge.
The surrounding forest becomes muted and fades
as we slowly are swallowed.

Winter grasses are the last to disappear
amidst the fading background.

We stand near the growing empty field
soon to be lost and with no direction
and we tell ourselves this is needed,
this reset of the current time and space
we struggling withing and we head into the storm.

Poem – Taking the Path into the Darkening Sky

Falling off the concrete path, I landed in the empty fields
surrounded with autumn colors.

I was not sure where to turn next, what road to follow,
or where I wanted to go.

The trees then opened showing me a path leading up
into the darkening blue sky, into the unknown.

Poem – The Road

The road into the distant sky
seems untouchable, the journey seems impossible,
but this is the start, this is only the beginning,
if I choose to walk.

I return to that road whenever
direction is needed
whenever I need a reminder of the
path at my feet that I choose to forget.

How to bring ourselves to take the first step,
how to find the courage to follow the path?

Have I taken enough wrong turns,
followed enough roads to dead-ends,
spent enough time screaming into the fields,
that this is the path I am finally ready for?

Poem – The Bridge

Years ago,
after the moment passed, one of those
life changing decisions that, somewhere inside,
I know altered my chemistry, my core and will
reside with me the rest of this life, and each that may follow,
I said to myself, years from now, will I forgive, regret, or forget?

Now I am here today, looking back on 40 years
it took to arrive and I run across the river flowing swift,
I climb the rocks from the shoreline, and I stop at the bridge.

Years from now will I still be standing here again
running circles always coming back to the same place

or will I finally make it across to the other side,
to whatever is waiting?

bridge path straight wooden

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Poem – Calm Waters

April sunrise over the calm water
a slow dance of light across the surface.
this path now appearing after minutes lost in the
subtle voice of nature opens a watery
light encased portal that is my chance to leave this world.

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