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  • Comfort Taken from What is Given

    Comfort Taken from What is Given

    I imagine this scene, a snapshot of any ordinary point in time, perhaps not meaningful to anyone else, is everything I need. Wandering the path in no hurry, with no end goal, I listen. For years I have walked this land, but there was always a burden being carried. Aware of this, my attention to…

  • Poem – That Cabin in the Woods

    That cabin in the woods, nestled beneath second generation pine planted after the last logging, waits for our visit. Snow caught in tree-tops meanders through the winter sky covering the green roof in a smooth slope where acorns speed to the ground. Ravens ever present toward the open fields, near the old silo base, they…

  • Breaking Through

  • Poem – Captured Halos

    The black morning hides tall pine trees rising against the star filled sky. The silence broken only by the canines response to the pack of coyotes and their screams. A heavy mist hugs the wet ground and stones glistened with the slightest light. Through the drifting smoke the scattered sun brings to life the forest…

  • Retreat Vignettes – #1

    Moments the chaos is held at bay when the pine filled sky sways and the ravens visit and the earth releases its pungent scent.

  • Poem – Infinity

    Removed from the city even for an afternoon layers of stress and blocks fall away, replaced by what the wind brings, what the trees take, and what the animals are willing to share. How else to rebuild the soul than to witness firsthand the infinite cycle of nature, of earth, of home?

  • Poem – Machines That Move Earth

    (1) Putting aside hollywood notions of machine versus man – September morning is hidden in fog, coated with an early frost. Subdued sun scattered across fields, meadows, and prairies. The sky becomes the land becomes the horizon. We head north, leaving behind city lights and traffic for pine trees and winter in the air. (2)…

  • Retreat Building, 09/08/12

    Retreat Building, 09/08/12

    Work on the retreat has been going well the past few weeks.  Though our time has been tight and hectic, when it comes to nature and the vision we are working towards, it is worth it.  Today, Patti completed painting of the interior in a greenish/brownish color, depending on how much sunlight streams through the…