Poem – Emerging from the Depths with Stardust

The blood-red sky of time
before the sun rises
intermingled with black clouds,
the air is cold and still.

I stand in a circle around the perimeter
waiting for the moment told through ages,
through dreams and the instinct telling
me this is the place, this is where I need to be.

Many years passed denying and ignoring
the truth and downplaying the connection,
the energy reaching beyond here, the vibration
with each passing star over the vast oceans

As the sun crests over the horizon
the veil is lifted as they descend from the sky.

Poem – Guided By Wolves

In the last dream of this life
I watched the white wolf walk away.

In the first dream of the next life
I watched the black wolf emerge from still water.

With my first step across the empty field
I knew I was granted another life,

more time complemented with the experiences
and another chance at my purpose.

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Poem – Wonder

Steeped in the still black waters
I see the white petals fall from
the empty sky and I wonder with
amazement, where do they come from?

On my knees I pray not to a named deity
but to the infinite canvas filled
with stars and planets and know there
must be a reason and wonder what is my purpose.

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Poem – Questions

“Are you out there beyond the
merging of the sky and the sea?”

I ask of the ravens atop trees
lining the shoreline.

I am torn as to my place here
when I only have a few fragments

left, the rest have scattered,
on a journey through the infinite

space, speeding toward the beginning
or some abstract ending.

An anxious feeling I cannot shake
as the questions keep building.

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Poem – Road

I have been down that road and
at the end I was back here,
where I started, where I attempted
to break free of constraints.

The road gave no clues.
The road divulged no secrets.

Frustrated and desperate
I fell to the ground.

In clear ice reflecting
the morning sun I saw an outline.

I saw myself.

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Poem – What Becomes


Long ago that path became an object in the mirror
fading into the dust of the present experiences.

I look back with nostalgia at moments
I have built and pieced together from the

scenes I have witnessed, the people met
and the forgotten glorified sense of purpose.


What becomes of the road after the tires
have passed and the dust finally settles?

What becomes of the river
after the canyon walls give way?

What becomes of home
after the fire dies out?


Crashing waves keep my mind from resting
and I picture a small boat beyond the harbor.

Beneath the darkening skies it fights to stay
afloat, making each moment count.


What will be left in my wake when
the sun finally sets for the last time

and that tree I planted early in the spring
reaches its full height and lets go of each leaf?

Spirt in the Forest

Spirt in the Forest

Poem – Purpose

I stand on the rocky shore
beneath old cedar arched toward the sky
and I lose the layers I have delicately built.

This scene never tires, never gets old.
The sun rising from the calm water
reflecting the morning mist.

In moments of solitude when the circling
raven further deepens my roots
I find my true purpose here and now.

The Search, Revisited

The goal is not to chase and find enlightenment – it is already within. The goal and path is to uncover who we already are as beings, as people, as neighbors, as caretakers of this earth, with respect and peace.

So much time is spent chasing something out there, just beyond our reach. The energy expended causes a wave, a vibration. This wave pushes outward in all directions into the space and pushes further away what you are trying to reach. The fighting, anxiety, struggle, suffering that we feel, wastes energy, widening the chasm and deepening the gulf between who we think we are and who we truly are. Everything we need and desire is already here.

Look at a single tree within a forest. Just one of many and no different on the surface from the others. Yet this simple appearing being, is a complex organism on the inside with a purpose that it lives and breathes each day, individually and as part of a community. It consumes water and carbon dioxide and releases oxygen while living in harmony with the ecosystem it is within. The tree does not complain and does not judge.  We could learn a lesson from the tree, and just be.

Winter Forest

Winter Forest

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