Tag: seasons

  • Poem – Arrival

    Turning back with empty hands they find the path along the river. Rain begins as they near the forest and where they last arrived. Stopping at the treeline they wait through changing seasons. – to be continued –

  • Poem – A Season in Hell

    A season in hell has passed as I rose through the fractures in the liquid earth and woke in the fields beneath the winter sun. Surrounded by snow and bare trees I immediately recognized this place and only knew of my journey here by the deep and fresh scars.

  • Season’s Haiku – A 365 Day Journey

    Back in 2008, I started a project with the goal of writing one haiku, in the 5-7-5 format, each day for one year.  This went from 02/16/2008 to 02/14/2009 and resulted in a 62 page book of mostly nature themed haiku.  It was daunting challenge but kept me writing and thinking about writing when I…

  • Reading and writing

    To help with my writing funk, I’ve been reading a lot more than usual.  And that advice is always given to writers: read more.  Read different genres or subjects than what you are writing about.  This helps to expand your mental awareness and give a larger pool of ideas and images to the mind and…

  • Poem – Mind Games

    Trying to get my head straight. I stare carelessly out the second floor windows at burnt yellow and green leaves. Not much wind is blowing. Even with a stifling heat and little wind, there is something calming about this later afternoon, some other white noise is present. On the verge of sleep my eyes are…

  • Poem – Family

    The months slip away – winter falls into spring summer slides into winter. September lays at our feet – and we bask in the smoke and mesquite from the bbq. Glasses and bottles raised – a toast to here and now and to Kyle over there. Later afternoon becomes evening and the precious time we…

  • Peace for Now

    The mind is heavy with thoughts as the snow fall ends and we are left with the aftermath, the heavy blanket across the land, the frozen flowers and trees, and the rabbit’s track at the front door. So simple, so beautiful.